President's Message

Message from GCV National President Elmer Hawkins

As I write this, I notice that it is Memorial Day and as the Honor Guard Captain, I will have a full and busy day. The VFW Honor Guard will fire three vollies and sound Taps at three differentlocations as we remember all of our comrades both living and dead who have served this country in all our wars, police actions and other areas of combat. We remember the mast head of our ECHOS "ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL.”

It is that time of year when each of us need to start thinking about our Annual Reunion. It will take place in Seattle, all the information you require in making your plans can be found in this issue of ECHOS. If your health will allow you to make this activity please do so. Our group of warriors grows smaller and it is important that we meet and share our experiences of those years we spent while in uniform, we also must let our children and grand children know what and why we were there. History has a way of forgetting these facts or at least the media does. As you read through the ECHOS, complete your registration form and quickly mail it per instructions, also make your hotel reservations. I know that you will enjoy this gathering. If you cannot attend, know that you will be missed and I'm sure you will be talked about [only nice things] We all know that it takes money to keep an organization going and we are no exception. Each year several members at the reunion make donations. If you can 't be with us and you can afford it, we would appreciate what ever you wish to give and it will help to keep us going and the ECHOS coming your way.